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Hi! Welcome to the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ News Page and Blog. Each month you will find new articles about cooking and life and as OPC news surfaces, you’ll find it here. My hope is that you will gain encouragement, humor and some good tips for your kitchen!

Big Notice!!You may have caught that many of the earlier posts’ pictures are missing. Due to the demise of the hosting site, those photos are no longer appearing and so I am having to go into each post to change hosting sites and add HTML. It is a loooong process and is going to probably take several months. BUT if there is a particular one of these earlier posts where you are needing the photos to go along with the recipes, email me at or call us at 405-275-5639 and I will repair those particular posts, first.


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  • We accept photos of your canning, food processing and cooking endeavors along with your stories and recipes too. Let the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ community share in your accomplishments and even your funny disasters. This is a place to laugh and learn!!



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