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The More Things Change…And All That

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It’s been a long time since last Fall, I know. And a lot of things have happened – busy, busy, busy. Lots of changes and lots of work but the time away from the blog has been good for me. I’ve really focused on getting my ankle and feet back as normal as possible, with therapy, exercises and swimming. Yep, swimming. I am a regular Esther Williams now – well – minus the pink, sparkly swimsuit, fountains, lighted swings, rings of fire and synchronized swimmers. My swimsuit is more like something from the 1920s, including the skirt and the colors, white and black. I haven’t included the striped tights or the big hair bow, but I’m close. I’m taking a water aerobics class at the local college and doing free swims on top of that. The summer Olympics are the next step. I just haven’t been able to find a coach who believes my hair is platinum blonde and not gray….


Big Notice!!You may have caught that many of the earlier posts’ pictures are missing. Due to the demise of the hosting site, those photos are no longer appearing and so I am having to go into each post to change hosting sites and add HTML. It is a loooong process and is going to probably take several months. BUT if there is a particular one of these earlier posts where you are needing the photos to go along with the recipes, email me at oklahomapastrycloth@oklahomapastrycloth.com or call us at 405-275-5639 and I will repair those particular posts, first.

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