About the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™

The Oklahoma pastry Cloth™ is the brainchild of Oklahoma artist Mary Beth White. Specializing in painting and drawing, Ms White is also an avid cook and makes breads, pies and noodles on a weekly basis. Frustrated with the mess and cleanup of floured countertops and plastic pastry mats, she discovered a new use for her artist canvas that would change the way she handled doughs, and the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ was created. Starting as gifts for friends, the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ has evolved into a popular necessity for the kitchen that is durable and always a conversation piece for fellow cooks. Each cloth is personally handmade and packaged near Shawnee Oklahoma. Promoting the spirit of the state of Oklahoma, short, humorous original Oklahoma quips, sayings and blessings are included with each pastry cloth.

Call: 405-275-5639. Once you have tried the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™, your kitchen will never be the same and you will be giving the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ as gifts to everyone you know! The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ comes packaged, with its nonskid mat, either seperate or as a part of a gift set that includes mixes, utensils and recipes.

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