What is the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™?

Most cooks, with whom we have visited, have said that the greatest deterent to baking is time and mess. Floured countertops that must be wiped down, flour on the floor, struggles with sticking doughs when rolled out onto plastic mats or counter tops – all of these issues make for a less than easy baking experience. The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ offers a large, flat work area that, when rubbed with flour, provides a surface to which doughs will not stick. Noodles can be rolled paper thin and lifted right off of the cloth. Sugar cookies, the stickiest of doughs, can be rolled out and cut with cookie cutters without the usual misshapen results. Clean-up is as easy as shaking off excess flour, folding the cloth, returning it to its plastic bag and storing it in the freezer for multiple uses. When the cloth becomes oily or pitted with excess dough, machine washing is all that is required.

4 Quick Steps

Sprinkling flour over pastry cloth Rubbing in the flour

Step 1: Sprinkle flour over the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™, and rub into surface.

Knead dough according to dough type

Step 2: Knead dough according to dough type.

Roll out dough to desired thickness

Step 3: Roll out dough to desired thickness.

Cut or shape dough as desired

Step 4: Cut or shape dough as desired.

Pastry Cloth handling paper-thin dough

Not even paper-thin dough will stick to the surface.

Pastry Cloth handling stickiest dough

Even the stickiest dough can be used on the Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™.

Pastry Cloth leaving no mess

There is no flour mess on your countertop.

Storing the Pastry Cloth

Shake out remaining flour, fold, place back into plastic bag and store in the freezer until next use.
Machine wash and air dry after multiple uses.