Apple-Time Giveaway

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Time For Another


It’s apple pickin’ time, which means apple butter and apple sauce, and canned apple pie filling and dried apples!!

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That means that somebody out there needs an apple peeler and corer and probably some yummy OPC™ Frontier Fixin’s apple cinnamon bread to munch on while they are peeling apples. Don’t you think that’s true? So here’s the deal…from now until November 25 – I think we call that Thanksgiving – anybody who leaves a comment at the blog will have their email address thrown into the pot and on Thanksgiving day, one of my many, many, many relatives will pull a name out for a winner. Get to commenting!! Your name goes in every single time. Good luck!

Happy Chances!

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Apple-Time Giveaway

  1. Brandee McGuire says:

    Please enter me~ thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  2. Thanks for entering, Brandee!

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  4. Diane Consalvo says:

    I wanted to tell you that I received my pastry cloth gift yesterday. This was a gift for myself and I was so excited to open the box. I had ordered the cloth and scone mix and tea infuser. What a pleasant surprise to also receive a few free gifts, and the sample of tea smelled so good. I will be checking the shopping page to review the teas.

    Also, a hand written note from you is such a wonderful touch. Not only do you have a wonderful web site and really neat products, you feel like a friend too!! By the way, my Mother was born in Oklahoma, and I’ve been there several times looking at the old homestead.

    I would appreciate being entered into Apple-Time giveaway. I plan on using my new pastry cloth this weekend to bake an apple pie, but will be peeling them by hand.
    Your new Snowflake, AZ friend.

  5. Diane, thank you so much for your kind note!! It is so nice to hear from happy people. :-) And I am glad to have made a new friend, especially in Arizona!! Lovely state. I hope you enjoy your pastry cloth for many years and that you turn out a BUNCH of pies!! Thanks again for your kind words and your name is in the hat!

  6. Barbara Luther says:

    Please enter me ,also. I have never been crazy about peeling apples. My Grandma used to make Fried Apples and she would leave the skins on. So yummy!!

  7. nancy says:

    Please enter me, as I have an apple tree!!!

  8. Oh my, Nancy!! Then you need this prize! :-)

  9. Diane Consalvo says:

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed using the pastry cloth. What a difference than just using the counter or a plastic sheet that I usually do. I really loved it. Although, my crust dough came out a bit tough on my apple pie but that is not unusual. I can’t seem to get the dough down to a constant perfect crust. I have issues with adding too much water or not enough! But oh well, It was a good pie. But I am very happy with my pastry cloth. It actually made it fun.


  10. Yay, Diane. So glad that your pastry cloth made it a good experience. My experience with pie crust is that a tough one is from not enough shortening. Try adding more shortening and you will be surprised.

  11. Diane Consalvo says:

    Thanks for the advice – I thought it was a water issue!! I’ll keep trying.

  12. Diane, if you’ll go to you’ll find my recipe for pie crust that can be kept in the freezer for about 5 pie shells. It is pretty much ‘no-fail’ and I think you will love it. I use home ground wheat in the post, but regular flour is just fine. Hope that helps!!

  13. Diane Consalvo says:

    Oh my gosh. I did see that recipe and I think I printed it out also when I first found your site. I think I can handle a “no fail” crust…….hope.. :)


  14. Well, let me know how it goes, Diane!!

  15. Nana says:

    Please enter me! I have an apple peeler that doesn’t work well, and I would LOVE to have a new one! Even though I don’t comment much, I do enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  16. You are entered, Nana!! And the more you comment, the more you enter! :-) Thanks for reading the blog!!

  17. Lacey says:

    I rarely enter giveaways. I saw where you told someone about making your pie crusts and having them in the freezer ready to go. Well, I have a story for ya. I did just that, and I had a bag full of graham cracker crust made up in another. My husband made my favorite meal, Chicken Pot Pie. I let him know I had pie crust already in the freezer. See I forgot to label which was which. We didn’t know until the first bite that he had used the graham cracker crust. He ruined the best meal. LOL! But, we choked it down and even the leftovers a few nights later. I will never forget what my 5 1/2 year old said (see we didn’t let the kids knew something was wrong). She kept eating, and after awhile, she said, “This Chicken Pot Pie tastes weird!” We just burst out laughing!!!

  18. Oh my!! Hillarious Lacey!! My pie crust recipe is the MIX that stays in the freezer and all you add is water to what you dip out, not the pie crusts themselves. I just can’t imagine eating a pot pie with a graham cracker crust!!!!

  19. Janis Stewart says:

    I need me one of those apple peeler be a sweetie and draw my name. Thanks

  20. I’ll toss your name in the hat, Janis!

  21. Kimberly says:

    Loved your airplane story! I heard a story once about a nun who was on a flight and really scared. A man asked her why she was scared, hadn’t God promised to always be with her??? She answered, “The Lord said, ‘ Lo(w) I am with you always’” Always thought that was cute. Don’t worry about entering my name in the draw, I’ve already got an apple corer/peeler! :)

  22. Thank you for commenting, Kimberly!! And loved the Nun story. Will keep that one from now on!! :-)