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The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™, the Rolling Pin Covers and Prairie Blessings Soaps are now available for international shipping to Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden.


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</br><b>Wedding Favor or Gift Soaps</b>
Wedding Favor or Gift Soaps
</br><b>Vintage Nescafe World Mug Shaving Set</b>
Vintage Nescafe World Mug Shaving Set
</br><b>Rosemary and Peppermint with Sage - Our Most Popular Soap!!</b><font color=red><b>TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT</b></font> </b>
Rosemary and Peppermint with Sage - Our Most Popular Soap!!TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
</br><b>Replacement Shaving Soaps</b>
Replacement Shaving Soaps
</br><b>Patchouli Sandalwood With Oatmeal <font color=red><b>TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT</b></font> </b>
Patchouli Sandalwood With Oatmeal TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
</br><b>Lavender Flower <font color=red>Temporarily Sold Out</font></b>
Lavender Flower Temporarily Sold Out
</br><b>Citrus Blend Men's Shaving Soap Set</b>
Citrus Blend Men's Shaving Soap Set
</br></br><b>Snickerdoodle</b><font color=red><b>TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT</b></font> </b>

</br></br><b>Lullaby</b><font color=red><b>TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT</b></font> </b>

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